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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When Is Self-Promotion too, too blatant?

As authors in this e-friendly world, we all think we have to promote ourselves and our books, and I fully believe this is true. If I didn't believe it, why would I keep spending an hour or more each day on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets?

What bothers me--and I assume makes others' heads sizzle with annoyance--is authors "preaching to the choir". By this I mean posting every review, every release, every guest blogging date, ad nauseum, on sites and lists which are frequented only by their fellow authors as well as on all the social media sites.

Yes, I frequently read other authors' books. I think almost every author does. I make it a point, though, not to buy the books of authors who keep my email boxes stuffed with blatant self-promotion I've already seen on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Because I feel this way, I've begun to wonder whether pure readers I try to reach in social media also get testy when they see too many promo posts from one author.

Just how much promo is too much?

Readers need to know about new releases--once or twice, just before and on the release date. I question whether they also need to know when (a few days after the release at the publisher site) the same book is released at Amazon, Barnes &, etc.

I usually link to one or two favorable reviews for a book--not every review, and certainly not less than flattering ones. It's also been my practice to post new cover art on Facebook which also slides over to Twitter. In between, I try to find interesting pieces that aren't related to my books and post them on my FB page so it won't seem to be nothing but blatant self-promotion.

Does this amount to overkill?

I'm in a quandary. Sometimes I think I'm a mean curmudgeon for seething at the sight of the third or fourth announcement of the same self-promo information from a fellow author. Other times I wonder if I'm not irritating potential readers by tooting my own horn too loudly.

What do you think? At what point does useful promotion slip over into the nuisance category? I imagine there are a lot of authors who really want to know!


  1. I have a few that I follow on Twitter and one on FB that I have real issues with. I will not be buying their books. Twenty-thiry tweets a day and on FB are driving me nuts. I wouldn't mind one a week or two weeks, because sometimes I do forget who had what release that week or weeks before. There is a big difference between 30 nudges a day and 4 a month... I wouldn't mind you posting a few more on FB. I didn't know you were on Twitter. I am off to follow you.

  2. Everything in moderation! Thanks for the post, Ann. :))

  3. I'm never sure of the promo balance either. I think I underpromote actually. And yes, that stems from the fact that some indie authors on Twitter seem to tweet nothing - literally nothing - but their books.

    I try to Tweet, Blog and FB interesting stories I've read, quotes, random interesting links, or little blurbs of what I'm presently writing. All of my stuff is as wildly erratic as I am.

    My instinct is that I'm more likely to get a sale when someone cares enough about a Tweet to pull my profile and then check out my blog. So I let my insanity shine and see what happens.

    I'm not sure of the balance, but I don't like to be annoyed w/ loads of promos stuff, so I try not to annoy others. I hope they find me interesting rather than annoying!!

    Great topic, Ann!

  4. It's such a hard balance. But I will admit to having certain emails going directly to my delete file because it's overkill.

    It's such a tight rope to walk. Getting the word out without coming across as a promo diva. I don't know the answer.

  5. I suppose one answer would be to stop following the people who annoy you. Or send them a private message stating your concerns. We all have trouble finding that delicate balance and helpful advice can go a long way.

  6. To tell the truth, I would rather hear what that author is up to. Like, starting a new blog, or another authors success, or even a good book they just read. There are so many ways to connect, and then people will get to know the author and will buy on the personal level alone. Yeah, let me know when the book is out-preferably the release day, once. Or maybe twice. *grin*

  7. I spend longer than an hour wading through my emails. I keep groups for different chats that come up and the digests really fill my inbox up. facebook and linkin and my space, I hit and miss. twitter hates me and won't let me in no matter how many different ways i try. on days i decide to hit and miss, it takes me hours and i admit i resent spending the time doing.


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