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Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Are You?

Blogging the rather new to me so I posted mostly stories, my way of getting the feel of the scene. Most of what I’ve seen deals with what’s happening in our lives, good pointers on what and what not to do, new ideas and approaches to writing, dangers as well. Maybe I exaggerated when I said dangers. They’re really errors, mistakes we bring on by looking for perfection. Pick something and stick with it - but be open to change.

My life is always hectic. People turn to me a lot. Once I wanted to be a nurse but the path I took led to the healing of the spirit through the Tarot, Astrology and Numerology. I just can’t seem to be able to say no when someone needs help. Needless to say, I always get in over my head because there’s simply not enough of me to go around. What was I thinking????? Apparently not. LOL!

I’m getting to the point where I want to screen my calls. Some people call for everything.

“Listen! I hope I’m not intruding but can you give me a reading? I really need to know if he’s the one?”

Good grief! What makes them think I know what to do any more than they? The cards offer advice – advice that’s wise, as I’ve kept track over the years, which is why I kept them. It is a BIG mistake to consult the Tarot more than once a year for what I call a life reading. I recommend every two. Tarot readers who tell you every six months want steady customers. I am here to tell my clients the path the reading suggests. What the person does with that advice is up to them but please! Do not call me for everything little thing. I am not the maker of your life. You are.

Besides, it shows a lack of faith. The Secret explains it very well. So did Jesus when he said you reap what you sow. You sow seeds of failure you’ll get just that. Over time the Universe brings it to you. The principal is simple. What you believe is what manifests. Don’t believe me? Just look back over the scope of your past and see for yourself. We all have it one way or another: doubt.

I compare this principal to learning to ride a two wheel bike. It didn’t matter how many times you fell, how many bumps, bruises, and cuts you had. You got up and back on that bike. Why? Because you wanted to do it. And you did.

Same thing with driving a car. It didn’t matter how scared I was driving down my street, cars parked on both sides, getting on the expressway, going fast. Nothing existed but the fact I wanted to drive. And I did. Now I zip down the street without concern because practice makes perfect . . . well almost. Nothing is perfect here. All I can achieve is my best.

This is what I use in my writing, creating stories that relay how to become independent: independent of worry, independent of fear. Build faith in something and cling to it when things get bad, which they will. How we buffer the storms of life adds character, giving us strength, resolve, and wisdom.

Trust first and the rest will follow. Trust you have taken the right road. If it’s wrong, fate will let you know. A lesson learned, a change of course, and you’re on your way again, trusting things will turn out.

And in the end, they will.

So . . . the question I pose to my readers today is: What are you: a Pessimist, an Optimist, a Doubter, or a Believer?


  1. Marianne, my answer to your question is I'm not a pessimist, but definitely a combination of the other three. I'm a Pisces, so that kinda explains that. :)) I can see why your wise advice is in such demand. Thanks so much for this VERY interesting post!

  2. You are very welcome, Susan. You are absolutely right when you say the last three fit you. The key words for Pisces is: I Believe. It is the Collective Unconsciousness of the entire Universe. In it lies every fear . . . but so does every answer. The question is: What do you choose, doubt or belief? I have a feeling you believe more than you doubt. Thanks for responding! :))

  3. I don't know what label to pick. I believe that if you want to achieve something, you work hard to reach that goal. If you make it, yea! If you fail, at least you know you did the best you could.

  4. Labels are bad . . . I don't like them any more than the next guy but I will say this . . . you are an optimist and a believer. Why? Because you know that it takes hard work and you're willing to try. That is a giant leap of faith. Good for you!


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