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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Urban Fantasy - What's so good about it?

I was thinking this morning about why I love this genre. I instantly came up with a list. Here are my top 6 reasons for loving urban fantasy.

  1. First person POV – I find this POV easy to write and I love to read from this POV. For some reason, it really puts me inside the head of the character, what they see and what they feel.
  2. Fast paced – I like a book that moves quickly.
  3. Action – I like action. Action is exciting. It involves conflict and or coming to a conflicting situation. Love conflict.
  4. Setting – The city setting in urban fantasies seems more real to me. I can visualize the setting more.
  5. Fantastical aspect – I'm a paranormal lover, so I do enjoy the various creatures and the worlds created in urban fantasy. The mind is a wonderful tool to use for creating new creatures and new worlds.
  6. Romance is not central – While I do enjoy romance, urban fantasy doesn't have romance as the central theme. Sure, you can have a romantic element or parties having sex, but it's not the core of the book. Some other theme is important – like saving the world, or someone's life… something big. Hell, it doesn't really have to be a big, it could be anything that is important to the protagonist.

What draws you into a certain genre?

Mary Abshire is the author of the Soul Catcher series (paranormal romance). Her first urban fantasy novel, The Awakening, is set for release Jan. 2012. As soon as she polishes the sequel, The Quest, she hopes it will be released in 2012 too.



  1. What a beautiful cover for 'The Awakening'! I haven't read any urban fantasy yet, but your soul catcher series sounds fascinating. I'll have to give them a try.

  2. I agree with Dianne. Your cover is beautiful and your series sounds very interesting. Plus, I love first person.

  3. I LOVE Urban Fantasy as well as Paranormal Romance. I read it, I write it, and if I could live it I would! LOL!

  4. I think you've hit on most of the reasons I like this genre -- the fast paced action and speech -- I.E. come backs -- are great. I love the genre and often think there's not much of a difference between 'paranormal' and 'urban' but you've made some great points!


    Billi Jean

  5. I'm more of a first person gal, though I read anything PNR or UF. Billie Jean, you are right, it is more fast paced. Though I love PNR, sometimes I feel as if a story drags. I want action! LOL. I want more than just romance and PNR tends to focus on relationships. I'm seeing more use of the term "urban fantasy romance". Lines are definitely being crossed with these genres.

    Lyrical Press did the cover for The Awakening. Renee is great!

    Thanks for the comments!

  6. I too love writing in first person and being in my heroine's head all the time! Urban fantasy is a faster read, and there tends to be lots more action. Thanks for all your interesting points about this genre!

  7. I haven't tried Urban Fantasy before but now it's on my list. Thanks, Mary!

  8. Marianne, I agree with you. When I first started writing in first person POV, it came natural to me. I saw through my protagonist's eyes, felt what she felt, etc. It worked for me.

    Susanne, definitely try a UF novel. At least, just to try and see if you like it. (I feel like I have my mom shoes on - just try it honey - lol)

  9. I'm on the outside a bit, I guess. I'm beginning to get bored of the constant use of First Person in UF. But I like the interplay of magic and our "normal" society in UF. That the impossible can become possible even in our jaded world. :) Good luck with the book, Mary!


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