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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interviewing Cover Models/Actors

Well, yeah, someone has to do it, right? How else would we find out what a cover model's life is all about and how they manage to create such wonderful poses?

(Jason Baca)

Okay. Just kidding. After doing almost two years of cover model interview, I have the greatest respect for these guys. They work hard at their careers. And, they need to stay in shape at all times...unlike authors who can write and publish even if they have green hair, pink eyes, and snack all day at a computer (we need "food for thought") so waistlines may expand.

Some are married and have children. Some talk about their families and how important friends and family are in their lives.

How do you find these guys to interview? Lots of research...get on the Internet. Get names of models from others. Go to conferences and track down any cover models attending. I've done all of this. It does take time and, of course, the models have to be willing to do an interview. Some are eager. Some never answer.

( Jimmy Thomas)

So, how do you go about interviewing a model/actor? First, do some research on the Internet. Gather whatever material you can find about him. Ask him for a resume. Review all the information and then formulate your questions to suit his information.

Some questions are standard and I use them for all models/actors. But most are geared toward the information I've gathered through research. If I find out someone was "Mr. Romance" or posed for Playgirl, I ask questions about those events. If he's been in movies or TV shows, I ask about those.

(John Antorino)

And, I always ask if there are questions I should have asked that he'd like to answer.

Getting photos to go along with the interview is important. Some send lots; others send just a few. Whatever is sent, use them.

Promo the interview. I do promo for the interview on lots of loops and get a good number of hits. One interview had over 500 hits in one day. Romance readers want to know the guys who grace book covers.

So, don't be afraid to ask for an interview. It's been fun and I've met a few guys at conferences after I've done their interviews. All have been gracious and real gentlemen.

(Scott Nova)

The four photos are just from a few of the models/actors I've interviewed at



  1. Marianne--you are an expert interviewer and I love this subject. Can't forget Jimi Gaskin or duh...I forgot his name but not his torso. LOL

  2. Mmmm! I want your job, Marianne! And I bet you have a ton of terrific photos to inspire you.

  3. Hawt! jealous, me.
    nice post

  4. What an exciting job to have! It must be so interesting when you get to meet the men in person. Have you ever gotten tongue-tied around any of them? Fun post!


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