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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


  Wow, the last entry for a great blog, and it's all mine.  
I think the pressure may be too much!

Art by Pickyme-she's fabulous!

  Seriously, this has been a great blog for me.  Because of it, I made some really cool friends, and the memories we've made together have been awesome.  I will treasure them forever.

Me and Marianne Stephens at RT 2011!

  I think memories are underrated.  Some folks might think of them as pleasant daydreams.  I consider them to be much more than that, more like artist Bill Keane's "Rememberies".  They are remembrances of great moments in life that empower one to overcome some obstacle, whether it's a broken spirit or a path toward a goal.  In the USA we just celebrated Memorial Day and the weekend was filled with remembrances of what was sacrificed by our servicemen and women in order to enjoy the life we do.  Remembering their sacrifices and victories enables me to go to work everyday and serve their brethren at the VA I work for despite the hiring and pay freezes currently in place.  Remembering lost loved ones compels me to live a good life.  

Dear Ol' Dad, serving in the Korean War.

  The best part is that they are always available when you need them, you just lean over and pluck one out!  When I'm freaking out, I think of cuddling a golden lab puppy, works every time!

Casey, definitely NOT a puppy here-lol!

  And recently, I lost a beloved cousin who fought most bravely against prostate cancer.  His struggle and personal faith illuminated the hearts of everyone who knew him.  I never met anyone who illustrated the love of God better than he did during his journey home.  His memory will comfort me when it's my turn, and I'll know he'll be waiting for more hugs...

Kissin' cousins!

  A person without memories is surely a poor soul.  They allow one to celebrate, to heal, to love and connect with others.  They equip us to endure truly difficult times when all seems lost.  What blessings they are, and always at the ready.

  Thank you to everyone associated with this blog. It has been a privilege to be a part of it. Now go forth and remember!


  1. Nice blog to finish our adventure here at ADANWD. Thanks for the memories!

  2. So, this is farewell to the blog itself or to your contributions?


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