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Friday, May 18, 2012


As a recovering illiterate (once illiterate, you always feel a semblance of literacy) I have found words in all forms to be beautiful. There is beauty in the word itself, in the formation of sentences and words put together to create stories, articles, and letters.

My favorite set of words (today) is euphemisms. It's just down right fun to think about how words are used in different forms and still mean the same things. Let's say you want to convey something but you want to say it in a way that won't seem harsh or offensive. Try a euphemism.

Here are a few words and their alternates.

Dead -- deceased
Disabled -- challenged
Kill -- terminate
Crime -- antisocial behavior
Lie -- fabrication
Poor -- underprivileged
Theft -- misappropriation of funds

Do you agree that using a faux is better than using imitation? What about encore viewing instead of rerun? Yep, those have been used.

I just touched on a few that are out there. Different words are often used to make a person feel better but really mean the same thing no matter how much you try to pretty it up? Aren't euphemisms fun? How often do you use them in your everyday dealings? In writing?

What other euphemisms can you think of?


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