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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beginnings our theme for the month


I read one time that every ending is a new beginning. My first reaction when I read those words was what an optimistic way of looking at things when life kicks you in the teeth, especially since the woman who wrote it had lost her husband of many years.  At the time of his death she did what she had to do, not to start any new beginnings but to survive. With no more than housewife and mother skills she wasn’t prepared to go into the employment market. School and then going out to a career proved to her that even though one phase of her life had ended, another began. Though she would never have wanted her husband to leave her, she was surprised at what she accomplished and found fulfillment in her new life. Another example, a runway model paralyzed from the waist down, all she knew was fashion. In a wheelchair she couldn’t compete with others within a company as a fashion adviser. She began her own business and discovered she was more independent and happier with herself as a person than she had ever been.
The truly optimistic view, of course, is to not concentrate on the endings, but the beginnings. My two favorite beginnings are birth and spring. What could I say that hasn’t already been said about the promise of a precious new life, the joy and happiness it brings? Babies are the human’s greatest beginning. For me the earth’s is spring time, the world’s re-birth. Fresh green life burrows its way up from the cold ground, from limbs of bare trees that look dead—oh, and the birds come back. I saw my first hummingbird for the season today. I came straight in and filled the feeder.

The next time life kicks you in the teeth, no matter how large or small, take the optimistic view. Every ending whether it’s the major loss of a loved one to something minor means a new beginning as frightening or unwanted as that may be.
Be sure to follow The Divas this month. Our theme is beginnings with a wide variety of authors for a full spectrum of genres. Each one will give you a totally different look at beginnings. Some of the ladies will also be adding contests and prizes. For myself, with a book released just last week, I’ll begin with a drawing from all who comment on my blog for a free download of Traps, a contemporary suspense, and yes, with romance.

You’re always welcome to visit, befriend or join.
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  1. Hey Larriane, nice way to 'begin' the month. Just one question: did you say you were giving away a copy of your book from a drawing in THIS blog or another?

    I've loved all of your books I've read so far so sign me up for the drawing. WhooHooo!

    Mary Andrews

  2. well Mary, looks like you get to read another one. what would you like?


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