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Saturday, March 24, 2012



What does it mean: 2012 . . . the numerical value? Everything vibrates to something. Does 2012 lead to the end of the world predicted by the Mayans?

Or ~ is there a hidden reason as to why the calendar stopped when it did? Not that I place preference on what mankind has to say about such matters. We are all flawed some way or another. It is the nature of “the beast”.

Like - why does it have to be an end? Why can’t it be a beginning? What do the numbers say, as they set the tone of the year.


2 the number of Cooperation. Whatever we do this year will be worked in the joint effort of others. The requisite is two. The problem posed with this number is knowing when to give and when not to. And this is not only of your time, but also of yourself. If you give too much, you will become dry, emptied to the point of nothingness, what I call the ‘Why bother?’ syndrome. Withdrawing is an eventuality.

But – if you give just right: a little bit here and little bit there, you are uplifted. Confidence flows.

Trust is required here, trusting in what you feel. Every venture starts out trust. So does every partnership, be they co-workers, friends, family, or romantic. Trust. It goes a long way.

0 comes after the 2, intensifying the quality, and the depth, of these relationships. Double Whammy, but remember - it all depends on which side the fence you’ve decided to rest your head: positive, or negative. Taken in context, working with others to achieve your goals is a good thing and has benefits you both can reap from.

Survive by knowing when to compromise (cooperate) and when not too. Give and take is amplified so things are going to be harder, but the rewards will be great. For those who believe (trust) in the future, eventually it materializes! It’s a given. Faith really does move mountains!

1 the number of Creativity. This is what happens when we work with others for the common good. The creative juices flow, a fountain of opportunities bubbling to the forefront. 1 correlates with Aries in that it is the first sign of the Zodiac. Any where Aries resides is a new beginning, a brand new start- one that must be undertaken with courage, faith in the dream enough to make it a reality.

The only problem is impatience which leads to missed steps, or should I say skipped steps, as that’s what it is, passing over the mundane because I want to get to the fun. Connect the dots means not missing a brick in our foundation. When presented in the whole, they create a new picture: Dimension. Depth. Feeling. Truth. This is who I am. I can do it!

It can be anything that’s important; anything that’s bothering you . . . you know? A nagging doubt? Curse it! This is Earth after all! Never limit. Murphy’s Law exists for a reason. They are tests. LOL! Patience, therefore, is an asset.

2 back to Cooperation/ Care Giving. Let’s see . . . we start out cooperating in order to release our creativity. Things will be intense but will work out if we so desire. An opportunity for dreams to come true via belief is here. Trusting them will make the juices flow.

Now we’re back to square one but with a difference. Before the vision wasn’t real. Now it is. The people we’ll be working with at this point will be the ones who will help us succeed. This is a good cooperation BUT it must still abide by the rule of knowing when to give and when not to; who to give to and who not to. Trust your first impression, what some call instinct. It’s more accurate than we realize.

Now let’s take the separates and make them one. They are the energies at work. 2+0=2+1=3+2=5. 5 the number of Freedom. If we learn to trust, we can set ourselves free! 5 has a kinship with Leo, the Teenager of the Zodiac. “You think I can’t,” the kid yells at his/her parents. “Well, watch me. I will!”

Leo is the King of Creativity. Walt Disney was a Leo and look what he did! Dreams come true to those who believe because they never give up. This year, a 5 year, means we have an opportunity to take some risks and win.

But it’s all based on your faith in your dream.

These dreams represent what’s important to you. They make up the fabric of your life.

The odds are set in our favor this year so why not go after that star and set yourself free? You’ll find the things that were holding you back melt to the wayside each step you take. A new beginning . . .

So . . . what do you want to set yourself free of this year? Where will your new beginnings take you?

Hmmmm. Maybe that Mayan calendar stopped because it was the end of one era and the beginning of another? The opportunity is there. A 5 is a year in which wishes can come true if we but chase them.

Do I believe the world is going to end this December?


And I don’t worry about it either.

I’m going to be chasing some stars.

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