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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Perfect Hero?

To me, the "perfect hero" is an imperfect one. He has flaws that shape his character, whether they're obvious on first sight (a limp or scar no reader can miss) or hidden deeply within his psyche. Arik, the hero of my PERFECT MASTER, has both: horrific scars he suffered at the hands of his own father that are both highly visible and deeply entrenched in his emotions.

A flawed hero is the perfect canvas for a heroine to heal with caring and love. In PERFECT MASTER, a futuristic BDSM tale available at Ellora's Cave Publishing, the heroine has consented to mate with her planet's crown prince, sight unseen, to satisfy her desire for limitless power. She finds, instead, a monster of a man who hides behind a fearsome facade, who intends to keep her at the same distance he does his subjects--until she forces him to open his mind and heart to her as she has opened her body to him.

I write a good many tortured heroes--Arik is only the most recent one. I'm happy to be a part of the All Day, All Night Writing Divas, and I hope you'll check out my web site and my books--as long as you like your romance super-hot and steamy.


  1. Tortured, flawed heroes are probably my favorite too. I love a good redemption story.

    I'm also a sucker for the cocky, alpha type hero who thinks he has the perfect life until the heroine comes along and he realizes something is missing.

  2. The most tortured hero I've ever read was in Sarah's Child, an old Silhouette Intimate Moments book by Linda Howard. I love the way she redeemed him bit by bit as the story unfolded--and the final resolution was enough to put tears in my eyes--and mind you, I don't cry easily!

  3. Men with flaws are easy to love...who wants to read about a perfect hero? There's no such thing! Readers want a hero who learns and grows through the book, and becomes the wonderful guy we want him to be.

  4. Sounds like a plan to me since we all are 'flawed' in one way or another. Some just conceal it better than others! I like the ones who aren't afraid to show their human. Of course in my day, a man was a sissy if he dared to show a lick of emotion! Thank goodness that's past. or is it? LOL!

  5. I like hot and steamy romance and I can sometimes get into tortured heroes. However, my favorite way for the hero to be tortured is with desire for the heroine!

    Arik sounds yummy.

  6. Tortured with desire sounds like my kinda guy!


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