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Sunday, August 28, 2011

THE BIG PICTURE by Mary Andrews

Hi. My name is Mary Andrews.

I recently submitted book III of The Fireborn Chronicles series to MuseItUp Press and I’m working on Book IV. The series deals with the inevitable fusion of Man, Machine & the Paranormal—what I like to call Psionic Sci Fi.

The beauty of writing science fiction is that I can take any subject and any type of character, jumble up a mish-mash of environments in any time frame and lead a reader into the wonderful
world of ‘What If.’

For instance: sometimes, maybe always, life isn’t what we expect. It gets all jumbled up and things zig instead of zag. People don’t make sense. But what if there’s a reason for all this? What if everything serves a purpose too large for us to see?

In my first blog entry on my website, I wrote about a universal cause and affect epiphany I had while watching a Nova broadcast about The Big Bang. In it I wondered why artists have to be artists and why mathematicians, scientists, public servants, teachers, etc are compelled to follow their courses.

As I stepped back far enough and looked, there appeared a pattern and categories; artists dream...scientists create...laborers build...public servants guide.

And in an even more complex scale, every .failure and every success of every individual in every daily endeavor affects those who witness it. Like dominoes, or better still, like the Olympic torch, we each carry a spark and pass it until it come to fruition. The billions of us whose names will never be remembered spawn Einsteins, Hawkins, Gandhis....

Eventually I decided that perhaps in the big picture we, as a species, are instinctively driven to escape the bonds of this world before it meets its inevitable end. Granted, we’re talking a long range project here, but....

The ‘What Ifs’ can surely boggle the mind and the possibilities are limitless. So I really enjoy following the loopity-loops my characters concoct when a story gets going. (Yeah, I confess, after my characters solidify into their environments I'm little more than their transcriptionist.)

The Fireborn Chronicles (book I) follows the formation of an interstellar dark ops team of outcast psychics in a far distant future hundreds of years after Earth’s demise. While in pursuit of a psionic kidnapper they discover an unexpected future in the past and begin to wonder if anything is truly what it seems?

The underlying theme of The Fireborn Chronicles: Resonances (book II) involves a blend of destiny, free will and perspective while troubled characters, both gifted and cursed with rogue abilities careen down a path not of their choosing.

QUESTION: If destiny forces an individual into a role, is that a life of service or slavery?

Ride along as they find how slavery can be liberating, power can
enslave, and clairvoyance can bite you on the...hindmost parts.

—Joe W.Trent (author of
The King of Silk)

So Readers, do you believe in predestination? Do you think that sometimes, maybe always, life isn’t what we expect for a reason? What’s your take on these things?

*NASA/courtesy of art Resonances:Delilah Stephens...cover art The Fireborn Chronicles: Laura Diehl


  1. My take on these "things" is they are predestined. No one is born without rhyme or reason. There is a purpose to one's life no matter how mundane that life may seem. What we make of that life and the predestined scenarios heading our way is up to the choices we make via free will.

    I believe we are pulled to what you call artists dream, scientists dream, builders build, public servant guide, any interest at all really - because we did it once before in another life and one always gravitates toward the familiar. Same thing with what we fear.

    I believe in the spiritual, and paranormal is included in that realm because we are dealing with a force we can not see and spiritual things are that way too.

    My first book was sci-fi/fantasy romance that turned into a trilogy. Prophecy figured prominently in all.

    You series sounds very interesting. Hope I didn't go overboard but you asked. LOL!

  2. If I thought I was predestined to do a certain thing, I'd have to do the opposite, just because. Great post and a good way to get us thinking.

  3. MARIANNE: The spiritual blends rather nicely with this, doesn't it? I never considered reincarnation but it is an interesting addition to the whole. Thanks for the post.

    What's the name of your series? Prophesy stories are always fun. (I have a planet run by Oracles.)

    DIANNE: I'm afraid I'd be right there with you. Best way to stop me from doing something is to tell me I have to. *grin* Thanks for posting.

  4. Excellent post, Mary! And oh, so thought-provoking. I always love to ponder the big "whys".

  5. Thanks Mary. My trilogy is the Eternity series (Eternity is Forever, The Winds of Eternity, and The Paths of Eternity) but you won't find it on any shelves as I have never been published for more than short stories. I write more for fun but maybe I should change that?

  6. SUZANNE: Thankyou. I've always sought the WHY of things first. Once that's determined, everything else can be dealt with.

    MARIANNE: A whole series written just for fun perhaps would like an audience who reads for fun??

    Why do most people read? Is there an audience out there that might enjoy it? I've always felt stories have a life of their own--three books, that's a lot of life....


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