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Sunday, April 1, 2012

No April Fools

This month our theme is beauty. The old saying, of course, is it’s in the eye of the beholder. Still there are many things no one can deny the beauty of: a flower, a sunset, a grand vista, a butterfly, the sound of laughter. This time of year, nature provides us a grand show of beauty. Trees buds unfurling the leaves changing bare branches to a profusion of blossoms and leaves, early flowers popping open their blooms in vibrant colors, and hillsides  covering themselves in a coat of grasses and wildflowers. When thinking of beauty, first to come to mind is what the eyes see, not so much as what the mind perceives in the beholder. My husband tells me I’m beautiful. I look into the mirror. I know I’m not, but to his eyes, mind, and heart, I am. To me his words are. Our words, the pictures we paint on the mind with them, the emotions which generate them or that they create produce beauty. I love you the ultimate in words of beautiful emotion. A thank you given for something done without thought of the act having any significance value. A compliment, giving recognition of a job well done, an expression of compassion or sympathy, or a few words of encouragement when things are going bad, simply beautiful words we so many times forget to say.

Take the time to see and hear the beauty that surrounds us. No matter how bad things get in other ways, beauty is there for us to see and warm our hearts, beauty in the eyes of the beholder or mind. No April fool.

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