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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Eye of the Beholder

Isn't it both amazing and wonderful that each person sees things differently than another? Most of us would think these things are lovely:

However, many of us may find these creatures revolting, while others see nothing but beauty:

The same is true for all facets of life from movies, to TV to fiction.

It's true! I may love a book that you hate, and vice versa. I remind myself of this when I see snarky or negative reviews (not just of my work, but of other author's work as well).

As an author, when negative reviews hit, I shrug off the sting. I'm a rat lover (I've had them as pets in the past and they're truly amazing). I'm not spider phobic and I really don't fear snakes either. But I know those who don't feel the same way.

And as a reader, when I read a story that just doesn't resonate with me, I simply close it and move on. I seldom bash a book, even to friends, when I don't enjoy it (I admit to one exception -- when the author killed off the protagonist's romantic interest at the end of a book in a series I was reading ... I not only complained bitterly to all who would listen, but I've never picked up a book by that author again).

So, no matter what you're doing, it's always good to remember that one man's sunset is another man's corn snake.

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