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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jan 2012 Accomplishments

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!
We're in the second month of 2012 already. Can you believe it? Time passes so fast these days.

Looking back at the month of January, I began to wonder what I accomplished.
  • I've been writing 10-12k per week for an urban fantasy novel, which is close to completion.
  • signed a contract with Lyrical Press for The Quest
  • The Awakening came out 1/23
  • notified 3-4 pirate sites to remove my book, which they did (yay!)
  • signed a contract for a novella under my pen name for a pub date in April
  • signed up and confirmed my first ebook signing event at RT
  • ordered more swag for RT
  • queried agents for my PNR novel (expecting only rejects - no big deal on that)
  • won a Kindle Fire and a $25. GC from Amazon
I'm sure I forgot something. Sleeping tends to help me forget. Why do I sleep?

Still, all this in addition to regular day job and mom duties. I have NO complaints what-so-ever. I'd say January was successful, and as I'm riding the roller coaster of life, I believe I'm heading up steadily. I just hope the ride doesn't descend soon. I really need to win the lottery first. (brings up new web page to check numbers)

How was the month of January for you? Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you!

Best Wishes,
Mary Abshire
Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Author

Published PNR:
The Soul Catcher series:
Claiming the Evil Dead
Catching An Evil Tail
Fighting Evil
Love Conquers All Evil

Published UF:
The Awakening

She's the only one of her kind. And she doesn’t even know her name.

Two investigators--one human, one vampire--find a young woman among a mass of dead bodies. She has no memories, and nothing but her clothes, two receipts, and a mysterious dagger carved with the initials ‘SB’. As she seeks her identity, SB realizes she's unlike any other creature in the world, making her the most valuable person on the planet. And the most wanted.

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  1. You have been very busy! Good luck with your writing and career!


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