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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Love

If you're like me, you've just spent the last three weeks blogging about love in all its wonderful forms. Which has me thinking about the very first love of my life. First Love. My goodness, do you remember it? The fast heartbeats and sweaty palms and confusion?

I haven’t thought about Bobby in years. What a cutie he was! Light blond hair, huge blue eyes and adorably pudgy cheeks. I was nine years old.

Keep in mind, I have lots of brothers, so to me boys were disgusting and something to be avoided at all costs. That tells you right there that Bobby was some pumpkins to catch my eye.

I remember the giggles and passing notes with friends about the cute little mistake he made on the board, and how his blue jacket just matched his eyes. There were nervous mornings getting dressed for school. I was in a private school at the time and not much made the red plaid uniform attractive. But I’d brush my hair until it sparked with static and some brother or another pounded on the door for me to hurry the heck up.

But with my first love came my first heartache and insecurity. You see, he loved DeeDee and never even saw me. Broke my poor young heart. It was the first time I realized you can be in love and the other person not be. I’d always assumed it would be mutual when it happened.

Don’t despair! My story has a happy ending. I now live with the love of my life, my adorable husband and friend, who is also a blond haired, blue-eyed beauty. Lucky me!

Hope your month of love has been has happy as mine!

Dianne Hartsock

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