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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Those Delicious Angels and Demons of Fiction

What is it about those beautiful, pure angels that attract us so blatantly? For me, it’s the breadth and strength of chest and shoulders able to bear the weight of those magnificent wings. It’s in the perfection of body and the intelligence of mind. It’s the thought that if they love, it would be true and innocent and forever. And come on, who can resist the sensual allure in the thought of seducing one of those magnificent creatures! Would it start with a chaste kiss, quickly heating to more? Or would it be come in a blaze of light and fire as we’re swept up into hungry arms and devoured by a newly awaked, fully aroused lover.

But what of their counterparts, those irreverent and sexy-as-hell demons? We know they’re evil beneath that wickedly handsome exterior. What does it matter how they fill out those jeans and make our bones melt with that ravishing smile? They’re BAD GUYS! Seducing virgins and stealing souls with an earth shattering kiss. Maybe we can’t help ourselves when we fall for their dark seductions, the heated glance across the room over the head of a current partner. Spellbound, we walk to his side and never think to resist when he pulls us into his arms. I guess we can claim ‘the devil made me do it’!

So how do these creatures of myth and legend translate into our flesh and blood world? I think the angels would be the innocents, the ones caught in the war between good and evil, young and sweet and in need of a hero’s protection. They’d be the lovely, sweet-tempered partner who holds us close at night, whose kisses warm our soul. They’d be the kind neighbor or good friend or fair boss.

And the Demons? Those who prey upon the weak and helpless without regret or remorse. The less said about them, the better. Rarely are they as hot and sexy as the books depict.

In my paranormal/thriller ALEX, we find just this scenario. In a small town in Colorado, the citizens are being stalked by a serial killer, my ‘demon’, if you will. My angel boy, ALEX, innocent and broken, is able to see into the killer’s mind. Tortured by visions of death and murder, Alex is trying to hold on to his sanity in a world that doesn’t understand him.

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Dianne Hartsock

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