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Thursday, December 15, 2011

See a Photo and Tell Me Your Tale Contest!'s the season to be jolly...and have fun!
Contest: Win a $15.00 Godiva Chocolates gift card!
Contest ends midnight EST 20 December.

How  to enter and win?

Check out this photo.  It says, "While shopping for your Christmas present..." and GUESS WHAT? YOU have to finish the tale in just a paragraph!

So instead of leaving a comment, leave a paragraph! Be sure to put your email address in the comment box with your paragraph.

Remember: Just one paragraph to write your amusing tale about this photo!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


  1. While shopping for your Christmas present, I was accosted by elves who then stuffed me in Santa's bag and said; the big guy wants to see you! I than replied; "why me, what does he want with me"? The little boogers said: "you will see" and than had the nerve to snicker. This is why you gift is late.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com

  2. While shopping for your Christmas present, I saw Santa getting robbed, with no elves around to save him, I rushed to the rescue. With the faces of all those children and me who wouldn't get any present if Santa wasn't saved gave me enough strength to fight off his attackers. I placed Santa in my Shopping cart and away i run all the way home. Santa said he was going to give me my present early for being filled with such great Christmas Spirit! Psst! just between me and you Santa help me relieve a lot of stress and now I'm really relaxed, just what i wanted for Christmas. That's why Santa is even more jolly this year.
    Happy Holidays!
    Oh! Is this international?

  3. While shopping for your Christmas present, I found this little bit of beefcake in the special annex at K-Mart. To get him I maxed out my debit card, so we'll have to share. Like they say, "When it comes to shopping, there's smart and there's K-mart smart."
    Happy holidays.
    Mike Arsuaga

  4. While shopping for Christmas I usually get caught up in the hype and hoopla that you forget about yourself. My birthday is the day after Christmas and I always forget to take advantage of the savings and pick up something for myself. Finally I mentioned it to my grand-ma and she knew exactly what to get me.
    Thanks grand-ma! You can park him right in my front driveway and don't worry about wrapping him...he won't be out there long enough to get cold. :)

  5. While shopping for your Christmas present I remembered I really should help those less fortunate, since you and I have been blessed with beauty (LOL!). Should I send food to the foodbank in your name? Maybe write a check to a charity and say its from you? Those are very thoughtful ways to pay-it-forward, I realize. And then it dawned on begins at home. Here we come!!!

    Nancy Lee Badger

  6. I saw this man get kidnapped my this lady in a very ugly dress and had to help him. He looked helpless, but was thankful once I got him away from Buella. He thanked me TWICE. I decided and he was okay with it. So I am giving him to you for Christmas and maybe he can also thank you TWICE, maybe THREE times for the little extra.
    What a fun contest.

  7. While shopping for your Christmas present, I stumbled on a strip poker game. I lost all my clothes. My buddies thought it would be funny to take my clothes. A nice lady pushing a shopping cart agreed to help me.

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  9. While shopping for your Christmas present I saw this lady pushing a naked guy around. Sadly, when I asked her where she got him from, she told me he was the last one and I couldn't have him. That meant I couldn't get you one for Christmas so I guess it's a home knitted pair of socks for you again this year.

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  10. While shopping for your Christmas present, I also picked up a nice Christmas sausage!

  11. While shopping for your Christmas present these streakers came in the store and I grabbed one and put him in my cart hoping no one would take notice. He no doubt would had gone unnoticed but he was wearing a Santa hat and everyone notice him at once. susan Leech 1273 Strahan rd, New Columbia, PA 17856

  12. I rushed to the Black Friday sale. My old model had finally died. This year I decided I would get what I really wanted under my tree. I was first in line, and got one of five fully functional lover droids that I had placed in my cart. That night, I didn't wait for Christmas, but did a test run with him. He was worth every penny I spent!

  13. Sorry, this is Sapphire Phelan who forgot to leave her email with the post above. It is

  14. While shopping for your Christmas present, I saw this guy and I just couldn't resist. He was on sale and everything! I had to pepper-spray a few people out of the way to snag him, but I"m sure you'll agree he's worth it!

  15. Suz deMello can be contacted through her website, as she doesn't want to leave her email address online.

  16. Some great paragraphs, everyone! Thanks for taking the time to write your tale and entering the contest.

  17. While shopping for my Christmas presents I came across a little dog. As I went my way the little dog was right there with me. I came to a stop and the little dog did also. I looked at the dog for a collar and there was none to be found, and no other identification on the little dog. I thought the small dog might be hungry, so I gave the little dog a part of the hot dog I was eating. In a flash that part of the hot dog was gone. I went on my way a low and behold the little dog was there with me. As I sat down on a park bench the rest the little dog did also there at my feet. A few minutes later a man came with a gun and tried to robe me, but the little dog jumped up and bit the man’s hand he dropped the gun and I picked it up and the robber ran away. I call the police and gave them the gun and the story. Now it took me a while to find that little dog but now that I have were have a wonderful home together.

  18. “Sissy, while shopping for your Christmas present you will never guess what I found.” “Mabel, I don’t like guessing games. Just tell me!” “Well you know how much I love those dumpster on 85th Street?” “Yes, what in the world did you find?” “I was poking around the bin by that old strip club, the ‘Pink Pussy Kat’? “Mabel, you’re driving me crazy.” “Aw, now Sissy, just hold on to your horses.” “Anyway, like I said before you interrupted me. So here I am poking around in the dumpster. I find the most outrageous pink sparkly shirt that I know you would love.” “Mabel! Finish the damn story!” “Geez, you are so impatient. I saw some orange and black striped socks, as I reached for them. They moved, and right under some torn jeans I found a man!” “Mabel, are you shitting me…..a man!” “Yes indeedy. And he grabs me and kisses me right on the lips and gives me tongue! Sissy tongue!” “Good Lord! Mabel!” “I help him out of the dumpster and into my basket. He is naked as jay blue except for a Santa hat and socks.” “I must say Sissy; he is one fine looking man. So I had to take a peak. Oh girl, he has a fine penis, big and wide.” “Mabel, you didn’t do anything stupid?” “Hush up Sissy, this is my story. So I get him home put to bed. He says wants to make mad passionate love to me.” “So I said sure, can I invite a friend. He said “Oh hell yes. “ Sissy, I figure we have a couple of hours before he’s sober. I’m leaving the door unlocked, you are coming over? “Yes, I’ll be there in five.” “Sissy.” “Yes, Mabel? “Merry Christmas, now hurry!”

  19. Some very interesting and creative paragraphs! Thanks to all who entered the contest.


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