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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Fun of my first Book Signing!

I had my very first book signing EVER this past Saturday for my paranormal/thriller ALEX. And let me tell you, it was an amazing experience! Not so much in the sales area, though I sold a few copies and ran out of flyers. But it was the interaction with other authors and readers that made it such a wonderful experience.

The two authors seated nearest me were both self-published, so it was very interesting to compare our publication experiences. There are pros and cons to both ways, but when it comes right down to it, I’m very thankful to have been accepted and published through Solstice Publishing. My book came out beautifully and I don’t have the frustration and anxiety my companions do.

I had attended the Oregon Book and Author Fair in Central Point with over fifty other authors. The turn out for the event was nice, but what made my day was meeting fans of the paranormal genre. Especially one fan in particular. She’d won a copy of my short ghost story ‘Trials of a Lonely Specter’ and seemed to really enjoy it. When I found out she lived in Oregon I invited her to the festival.

And she came! Now, I know most of you have oodles of books out there and tons of fans, but ALEX is my first, and this is my first true-to-life fan, who not only promotes online for me, but took the time out of her busy life to come and meet me, buy my book, and have me sign it. Such a satisfying feeling for me, as an author. And she took flyers of my book to pass out to her friends! What more could a brand-spanking new author want?

Also, I got to meet the very talented Solstice author, Verna Clay. Such a darling! I’ve been enjoying her stories through ‘Six Sentence Sunday’ and excerpts on her blog. It was a privilege to meet her in person and I now have a signed copy from her Shapeling Trilogy, ‘Roth, Book One: Protector’.

All in all, it was a wholly satisfying weekend and I’m looking forward to my next signing, December 2nd, at the Borders Bookstore during Newberg’s First Friday Artwalk.


Alex is the paranormal/suspense novel of a young psychic living in a small town in Colorado. Tortured by visions of death and murder, Alex is trying to hold on to his sanity in a world that doesn’t understand him.

Dianne Hartsock

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